Pros and Cons of Early Piano Training

October 16, 2018

Ask the following about your initial meeting with the teacher:

  • How did you feel when you met with her?
  • Was there anything she did that made you uncomfortable or confused?
  • Would you like to see her again?

Attend a couple of lessons given to other students. That way you get a true feel for her teaching. Ask if you can sit in a lesson of a 5 year old. She will ask the parent’s permission. Most teachers will say “yes”.

What Makes a Good Pianist/Musician?

  • Solid piano technique
  • A beautiful tone
  • HOW TO create a good sound (develops over time)
  • A spiral approach in Music Theory/ Ear Training/ Sight Reading (Russian School teaches this way)
  • Learning how to do Musical Analysis - this starts at the earliest age!

These days there is a big emphasis on being a genius.

A young genius.

Everything is much more amazing when young kids do it.

That is NOT a reason for beginning lessons.

I often get calls from parents who say that their child is going to the piano and trying to play. I usually say that this is wonderful, but to be aware that almost every child will do this. It is like a toy and the newness will wear off. If you plan to start lessons be aware that your child’s early interest MUST be followed up with daily practice that YOU will need to monitor until around age ten. Genius or not.

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