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Dr. Deborah Brener, Premiere Piano Instructor

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Experience and Education

Deborah has studied with noted pianists Eduardo Delgado, Daniel Pollack, M’lou Dietzer and Nina Scolnik.  Deborah's education includes:
  • Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance · Cal State Long Beach
  • Master of Music in Piano Performance/Pedagogy · Cal State Fullerton
  • PhD in Historical Musicology/Education · Claremont Graduate School
Dr. Brener is a member and participant in:
  • Music Teachers Association of California
  • The American College of Musicians

Instructional Programs

Brener Piano Studio provides opportunities for students to flourish – every student is unique and a joy to teach and Dr. Brener loves the challenge of making the piano fun to learn!
  • Group and/or Individual Instruction
  • Computer Based Learning Programs
  • Ensembles
  • Recitals
  • Competitions
  • Camps and Workshops



"We have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Brener at Brener Piano Studio for the past 10 years. My son has been taking lessons with her since he was a young child, and she has been an outstanding teacher throughout. Dr. Brener's expertise, patience, and dedication to her students are unparalleled. She has not only helped my son develop his technical skills but also fostered a deep love and appreciation for music. Her personalized approach to teaching and her ability to connect with her students make her an exceptional instructor. We highly recommend Brener Piano Studio to anyone looking for high-quality piano education."
"My two boys, now 18 and 16 years old, have studied piano under Dr. Brener for the past 6 years and I strongly recommend her without reservation to any young musician or family. Dr. Brener has been kind, inspirational, compassionate and demanding (in the most productive ways) with us. She is an outstanding teacher and she has guided my boys through the ups and downs of their own commitment to music, accommodated a busy and sometimes unpredictable schedule of time conflicts (both boys play ice hockey) and challenged them to achieve a level of musicianship that they did not believe they were capable of (nor did I). I marvel at how far they have come during their time studying under Dr. Brener. We are all so incredibly grateful for Dr. Brener’s depth of knowledge, instructional expertise and genuine affection for my boys. Although my older son is off to university, my younger son will continue training under Dr. Brener for as long as possble. Thank you Dr. Brener and we hope your studio overflows with music and joy for years to come!!"
"Ava’s piano skills have made excellent progress with Dr. Brener as her teacher. We always look forward to her recitals. Her students’ piano abilities are nothing short of amazing."
"Deborah Brener is a great piano teacher. My daughter is not the most dedicated student but loves arts and music; she has found a place to express herself with her piano, thanks to Deborah; she didn't let her give up because the instrument requires work and practice, rather help her to find her inner artist and use the piano and music to get the best out of her as a potential artist and as a human being. During this summer she learn on her own to play songs from the Musicals she likes (Phantom of the Opera, Into the Woods), beautiful movie themes like the Star Wars' and some of the Ariana Grande tunes too. For the parents is also great to have somebody that knows better than we do how to motivate our children; when it comes to music, she really know what she's doing."
"My 10 year old daughter has been a student here for two years and she has learned a great deal. Mrs. Brener really cares about her students and their progress. She goes above and beyond and has prepared our daughter with a higher level of achievement that not only applies to piano, but also her education and future endeavors. I would highly recommend this studio for anyone looking for piano instruction!
antly challenged. I can say that I found that person."
"My son has been taking piano lessons with Deborah Brener for a few years now and I have only wonderful things to say about her teaching methods. As a parent who spent a good deal of time researching and looking for the right person, I know I made the right decision. Deborah has a PhD in Musicology, years of classical piano training and years of experience teaching children and young adults. She is a lovely person who knows how to inspire children. There are lots of piano teachers out there, but finding the right one is so important to make sure your child is learning how to play properly and is constantly challenged. I can say that I found that person."
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