Our Students

Dr. Brener’s training in private and group piano pedagogy has given her the versatility to work with students at a wide variety of levels. Deborah loves teaching piano to anyone with the desire to learn how to play, from the very young child to the older adult. Her studio provides opportunities for students to flourish – every student is unique and a joy to teach and Dr. Brener loves the challenge of making the piano fun to learn! She also feels privileged having taught students with ADD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism, all with success. She credits her strong training in both piano performance and piano pedagogy for the success she has had teaching over the years as both a group and private teacher.

Under Deborah’s teaching, students will experience firsthand that music of all parts of the world can be enjoyed. They not only learn music by western composers but also composers from Asia, Australia, Africa and other regions that have long been ignored. She also teaches popular forms such as Broadway, Jazz, etc. for those interested. In addition, she does a lot of ensemble playing in the form of duos and duets, such as student and teacher at one or two pianos, or two to four students at two pianos. Ensemble playing is fun and allows for ear training development as well as social bonding in the studio. Deborah believes in student workshops and incentive programs, creativity activities such as composition and world music camps. She uses technology for her students to activate during “lab” time, so they can improve in their ear-training, theory and sight-reading skills. They also have access to platforms at home for practicing guidance, viewing of lessons, on-line theory tutorials and more.

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