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Tools For Performing

Posted by Deborah Brener on April 25, 2018
Mental practicing is the “other half” of practicing before a performance. It secures the piece in one’s memory and tightens the “nuts” and “bolts’ of technical spots.  In traditional practicing, one relies upon the music, however the deep memorization at the unconciouss level is that which makes us feel secure.  Read More

Handling Performance Anxiety

Posted by Deborah Brener on April 19, 2018
I work with students on performance skills on a regular basis. What students learn in the studio carries over into school and life. 1. I teach slow measured breathing, very similar to the breathing that is used in yoga. Breath in 1-2-3 and out 1-2-3-4. The idea is to continue Read More
  I give student rewards for their practicing. This is part of the motivational package in my studio.  I hand small rewards such as stickers and stamps that I use on individual pieces. I love giving these as students progress with a piece, as they look forward to the moment Read More

Making Rhythm Electric

Posted by Deborah Brener on December 14, 2017
Rhythm is a difficult concept to teach to children and adults. I find that the actual “separation of rhythm from notes” is the first concept that must be understood. I have students either tap, clap or snap the rhythm of the right hand and left hand separately. The linear understanding Read More

Proper Technique

Posted by Deborah Brener on November 9, 2017
One of my pet peeves is when I listen to a transfer student play and they do not check their bench or sitting position.  Also, they do not understand anything about the forearm and hand position. I think that I react because I had less than stellar training when young and Read More

Welcome to my blog…

Posted by Deborah Brener on October 6, 2017
This blog is for you to learn something about me evolving as a human being, a teacher, as well as my different ideas with regard to teaching piano . I will discuss what teaching means to me as I write in it. I will discuss practicing, evaluations, festivals, stage fright, choosing Read More