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This blog is for you to learn something about me evolving as a human being, a teacher, as well as my different ideas with regard to teaching piano . I will discuss what teaching means to me as I write in it. I will discuss practicing, evaluations, festivals, stage fright, choosing a teacher, and more. I would like to receive feedback, so you may comment below or email me at sopisa1234@gmail.com.

Let me start by saying that practicing the piano is very different in 2017 than it was when I was growing up in the 1960s and 70’s. I remember a boy that lived on the next street who practiced 8 hours a day.  He went to USC then Juilliard Conservatory in New York. He was and continues to be amazing, but today as a musical theater director.

I was told to practice for an hour and if I did not get it done, I had to double the time. There were few incentives and no excuses. I had a very tough teacher who taught discipline and ALWAYS to strive for excellence. That more than anything was what drove me throughout my career, and I will always be greatful for what she taught me.

In my next blog entry I will discuss my quest for technique.

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