About Dr. Brener

Dr. Deborah Brener has taught piano, theory, music history and world music at Golden West, Rancho Santiago, Irvine Valley and Fullerton Colleges for a number of years; however her first love has been the running of her private studio. As a member of MTAC and MTNA, her students have flourished in festivals, Certificate of Merit,  ...


Our Students

Dr. Brener's training in private and group piano pedagogy has given her the versatility to work with students at a wide variety of levels. Deborah loves teaching piano to anyone with the desire to learn how to play, from the very young child to the older adult.  Her studio provides opportunities for students to flourish - every student...  


  • Elisa –

    Elisa –

    My son has been taking piano lessons with Deborah Brener for a few years now and I have only wonderful things to say about her teaching methods.  As a parent who spent a good deal of time researching and looking for the right person, I know I made the right decision.  Deborah has a PhD in Musicology, years of classical piano training  and years of experience teaching children and young adults.  She is a lovely person who knows how to inspire children. There are lots of piano teachers out there, but finding the right one is so important to make sure your child is learning how to play properly and is constantly challenged.  I can say that I found that person.

  • Nick –

    Nick –

    My 10 year old daughter has been a student here for two years and she has learned a great deal. Mrs. Brener really cares about her students and their progress. She goes above and beyond and has prepared our daughter with a higher level of achievement that not only applies to piano, but also her education and future endeavors.  I would highly recommend this studio for anyone looking for piano instruction!

  • Stacey –

    Stacey –

    My son took piano lessons from Deborah for 9 years. She is the most excellent instructor in our area!

  • Craig –

    Craig –

    Deborah Brener is an exceptional teacher that has exposed my 10 year old to areas in music I never imagined.  So much more is offered than your typical piano studio or teacher and we have been through plenty.  She knows how to motivate young children and creates unique learning opportunities throughout the year for both children and adults.  Your child will become a better listener, more disciplined, have a better appreciation for music and learn to perform under pressure in front of live audiences.  So much is offered and at a reasonable price.  My child and I give Brener Piano Studio an 11 on a 1 to 10 scale!

  • Scott –

    Scott –

    My son Nicolas has been attending Dr. Debbie’s studio for the past 6 months and she has really brought out the fun in piano for him. With her unique approach to finding what interests him in music he has definitely come out of his shell and enjoys experimenting more with music. The labs after the lesson that teaches theory and ear training through educational iPad apps have also proven to be an effective tool. With videotaping his practices and uploading to Collabra, Debbie can fine tune what he needs help with which is always appreciated. All in all we are very delighted with Dr. Debbie  and Brener Studio.

  • Alicia –

    Alicia –

    Deborah Brener is a great piano teacher.  My daughter is not the most dedicated student but loves arts and music; she has found a place to express herself with her piano, thanks to Deborah; she didn't let her give up because the instrument requires work and practice, rather help her to find her inner artist and use the piano and music to get the best out of her as a potential artist and as a human being.  During this summer she learn on her own to play songs from the Musicals she likes (Phantom of the Opera, Into the Woods), beautiful movie themes like the Star Wars' and some of the Ariana Grande tunes too. For the parents is also great to have somebody that knows better than we do how to motivate our children; when it comes to music, she really know what she's doing.

  • Sarah –

    Sarah –

    What I have found to be exceptionally helpful for my twelve year old boy's learning, has been Dr. Brener's amazing ability to match music that my son loves to play.  This is a greatest motivator of all for practicing and she sure has depth and breadth of music available to her.  Additionally, Dr. Brener is extremely intelligent and was able to assess my son's strengths and weaknesses quickly and accurately.  As a result, we are working on our biggest learning hurdles so that amazing growth can take place! Dr. Brener cares deeply for her students.

Are You Interested in Joining the Studio?

 Feel free to call/email to ask if there is an opening in the schedule.  If there is, Deborah will be happy to schedule a free preview piano lesson to determine if it will be a good teacher-student fit. If you are looking for top-quality musical instruction that will give the student a life-long understanding and appreciation of music, you will find it here!

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